Mircogenix – Mircodose Capsules (Vegan)

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Microgenix brand is built on the desire to CREATE change based on a foundation of exploring the HEALING ABILITIES of FUNGI through Mother Nature.

Microgenix Microdose Capsules are Vegan / Gluten-Free  / Dairy-Free / Organic / Canadian.

Now offering two options:

  • Clarity
  • Wavy

Clarity Capsules:
With Clarity, effects have been described as heightened awareness, increase in empathy, energy and focus with an overall feel-good mood. Clarity capsules are a natural remedy for your mental health and wellbeing. Anyone looking to feel more uplifted and interested in life may benefit from Clarity capsules on a daily.
Main Benefits: Increase Creativity, Elevate Mood + Mental Clarity, Full Body Awareness
How to Use: Take 1 capsule every other day with food. For lasting effect throughout the day, take your capsule in the morning. For first-time use, we recommend reserving the day to evaluate your experience and the effects before microdosing in a more public situation. Following first-time use, we recommend following your usual routine while microdosing.
Ingredients (Per Cap): 125mg Psilocybin (Copelandia Cyanescens), 300mg Lion’s Mane, 50mg Reishi, 50mg Chaga, 50mg Ginger Root

Wavy Capsules:
Intentional moderate dosing may help relieve anxiety, stress and achieve a heightened awareness while influencing creativity, improving your mood, and motivation levels. A moderate dose is closer to a full psilocybin high and is typically taken on occasion.
Main Benefits: Sensory Enhancement, Rejuvenate + Restore, Experience Bliss + Euphoria
How to Use: 1 Capsule (300mg) – Wavy feeling, warm and fuzzy feels, increased empathy and awareness, 2 Capsules (600mg) – Increased wavy feeling and awareness, body sensations, laughter/giggling, conscious shifts, deeper connection with people, colours are brighter, feeling of love and gratitude, 3 Capsules (900mg) – Well rounded mushroom experience (visuals, the concept of time changes, colours are brighter, spiritually enlightened conversations, belly laughs and love for all). Best consumed in nature. Consume with others. 4 Capsules (1200mg) – Psychedelic phase. In and out of psychoactive effects. Expect mental shifts, unlearning projected truths, deep connections with others who dose with you, a feeling of oneness. Go with the flow. Consume with intention. Recommend taking the day off, potentially the next as well.
Ingredients (Per Cap): 300mg Psilocybin, 100mg Ginger Root


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