Kloud 9 CBD Cartridge

5.00 out of 5


Kloud 9 is proud to promote a healthy lifestyle with Cannabis. As such, they have designed a CBD line so that the consumer can make the most of your day while helping to ease what ails you. Made with high-grade CBD distillate, there is a slight amount of THC, which we feel is important as it maintains the entourage effect and allows the CBD to work effectively. Being such a pure product, CBD distillate is known to crystallize at times. We recommend warming your cartridge up slightly with a hairdryer to get it back to a more liquid state. A small price to pay for so many great benefits. We hope you enjoy and stay purely elevated!

Ever wondered why there is an air bubble in your cartridge? When cartridges are filled the oil is at a warmer temperature. As it settles, it saturates the coil, some carts more than others as the temperature isn’t always exact. This process can sometimes leave an air bubble. This is necessary for the shipping of the cartridge. Rest assured it has the same amount of oil in every cartridge.

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