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The Difference Between CBD Oil, Hemp Oil, And THC Oil

dailymarijuana_image_The Difference Between CBD Oil, Hemp Oil, And THC Oil

Smoking cannabis flowers isn’t the only way for people to enjoy the benefits marijuana and its different compounds offer. The use of different cannabis oils is also a popular option. The first time you go searching for oils, you may be surprised to discover the variety of options. There is CBD oil, THC oil, and […]

How to make Hash

dailymarijuana_image_How to Make Hash

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar You’ve probably tried hash and liked it and must be wondering if you can make hash at home. If that’s the case, we’ve got good news for you. By following some simple rules and staying patient, you can make a hash at home. There are plenty of methods to […]

A Beginner’s Cannabis Guide to Different Types Concentrates

dailymarijuana_image_A Beginner’s Cannabis Guide to Different Types Concentrates

The cannabis world has so much jargon you need to know about. One of these terms is concentrates. The name refers to concentrated extracts taken out of the marijuana plant. Concentrates are the outcome of an extraction process that separates the good potent stuff from the plant material waste. Let’s take a look at the […]

How to Smoke Shatter: A Quick Guide

dailymarijuana_image_How to Smoke Shatter Guide

Shatter is the choice concentrate for cannabis users who want something stronger than the buds but not as overpowering as the edibles. Shatter is the translucent or transparent concentrate that resembles a Jolly Rancher of some rock candy.  It’s no wonder why so many choose to smoke shatter. Cannabis concentrates are the high concentration cannabinoids […]

A Guide for Buying Weed Online in Canada

dailymarijuana_image_A Guide for Buying Weed Online in Canada

On Oct. 17, 2018, Canada finally legalized marijuana nationwide. This makes it the first major world economy to do so. Since then, cannabis culture has evolved. Once a distant dream, legalization continues to pave new ways for users to use medical and recreational marijuana today.  With the world changing faster than the water in a […]

Step Up Your Weed Game with Kief

dailymarijuana_image_Step Up Your Weed Game with Kief

If you are familiar with cannabis, you might know that THC is the active component of the plant that makes you high. The highest THC level is in the kief, and you can filter it out to have the most potent experience possible. It comes from the plant’s resin and is also known as “bud […]

Live Resin: What Is It, and Why Is It So Awesome?

dailymarijuana_image_Live Resin What Is It, and Why Is It So Awesome

Cannabis is being used more around the world, whether it be for recreational or medicinal purposes. In the past, people used to use cannabis secretly and hide it away. But now, it is widely accepted, and the cannabis industry has grown by leaps and bounds as a result. There are several new methods of consumption, […]

How to Smoke Hash and Other Hash Basics

dailymarijuana_image_How to Smoke Hash and Other Hash Basics

Hash has been consumed for centuries, and it is a very potent form of cannabis. You can vape, eat, or smoke it. It is also known as hashish. It is made from the female marijuana plant’s resinous glands. The concentrate is golden-coloured, and you can get it at many weed dispensaries. However, if you’re a […]